Every Visit — 1, 2, 3
As Necessary – 4, 5, 6

1) Temperature Tracing
A machine that records the pattern of heat up the back of your neck. (This indicates muscle activity.)

2) Weight Balance
You stand with each foot on a different scale to see how evenly you stand and distribute your weight.

3) Activator technique
Your body is checked at each level (starting at the feet) and if necessary, you are adjusted with the activator instrument.

4) Head/Neck X-rays
Precise X-ray views to determine your unique spinal geometry and subluxations (at the top of your neck).

5) Toggle Adjustment
A side-posture (upper cervical) adjustment determined from your x-rays

6) Rest & Relaxation
A therapeutic rest after your upper cervical adjustment to let your body accept the correction.


Both techniques that we practice require special tables, which we have in our office. They are the Activator Table which electronically moves 90 degrees from a stand-up to a lying-down position. The other table is the Toggle Torque set-up we use for the upper cervical adjustments. Since it is a requirement to rest after a Blair Adjustment, we have a couple resting chairs in another room.


We send people to another office for 3-D x-rays (CBCT).


We have a laser machine we use for pain control. And we also have accessories such as ice packs, aids for trigger point work, and tools for general mobilization.


Our office visit costs $75.00 – at time of service. That includes a complete full body analysis and treatment, trigger point work and/or muscle rebalancing. Discounts and payment plans available.

  • We take Medicare with a co-payment of $9 or $10.
  • We bill PI cases (on a lein) if you have Med-pay or an attorney.
  • We will bill any insurance that you have, so the payment will go directly to you AFTER you pay us for the office visit.
  • We are not members of the Kaiser network, but we accept Kaiser Patients WHO HAVE CHIROPRACTIC COVERAGE at a discounted rate ($50).
  • We have a reduced cost for those from Congregation B’nai Israel ($50).