The Activator instrument is especially handy to fix sprains and strains of the joints of the extremities. By this, we mean, the hands, arms, shoulders, and elbows, as well as the knees, ankles, feet, rib articulations and the temporomandibular joints of the jaw (TMJ). Since half the joints of the human skeleton are found in the hands and feet, that’s A LOT OF JOINTS.

However, the Activator is adapted to individually focus on the particular joint that is subluxated, and fix it, while leaving the others alone. As examples, some of the common subluxation we see concern the ankle or the ribs. When an ankle is sprained, a careful adjustment of one particular bone can stabilize it (thus reducing the tendency to re-sprain it in the future), and remove the pain permanently. And a repositioning of the ribs can increase an individual’s breathing capacity.

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Intrinsic Foot Muscle Exercises


Because we do most things with our center of weight upon our hips; the supporting structures, the legs and knees suffer much micro-trauma throughout life. Anyone who has followed sports (or played high school football or basketball), knows just how vulnerable knees can be. There are several individual parts to this joint and each one of them has the capacity to be aligned to produce optimal function with less pain.


The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body, but because of this flexibility, it is not very stable and is easily injured. There are various injuries possible: dislocation, strain, tear or a frozen shoulder.

Whether throwing a ball, paddling a canoe, lifting boxes or working on a computer, we rely heavily upon our shoulders to perform a number of activities. That’s why it’s so crucial to keep it moving freely. We can help with that!

TMJ Work

The average person wouldn’t think the jaw could get out of line easily. However this is an extremely painful condition. It can cause headaches, or painful popping, clicking, and grinding every time the mouth is opened. This misalignment CAN BE FIXED, though. And some DC’s have learned how.