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Most people experience misalignment without ever knowing it. It is easy to disturb the integrity of a joint space; and the continued use of that joint in daily activities will eventually cause a problem. There are many ways that the body can become misaligned; a fall, an accident, a bump on the head, bad sleeping habits, a sprained ankle, a doorknob in the wrong place, or poor posture. Misalignment can even occur during the birth process - a simple twist of the head during delivery can bring on misalignment (a SUBLUXATION)!

Any type of subluxation, regardless of how it occurred, restricts or distorts brain to body messages. Left unchecked this misalignment can cause pain or dysfunction to develop and increase during one's lifetime. That part of the body that cannot effectively communicate with the brain will begin to develop symptoms that will get more pronounced as we age.

These health problems will grow worse until the misalignment (bottleneck) is corrected and effective brain to body communication is restored. Re-establishing that 2-way communication is the hallmark of a Chiropractor, in general, and our office, in particular. 

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I have benefited tremendously from the chiropractic care I received from Dr Dr. Robert Woolery.

- John S. / Vallejo, CA

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State of the Art Chiro
326 De Anza Dr
Vallejo, CA 94589
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