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                            GET YOUR HEAD ON STRAIGHT
Blair Upper Cervical and Activator Office

In our office we -

* treat people thoroughly in an unhurried manner
* see you when you have an appointment - there is no waiting 
* are open 24/7 (most of the time)
* give you the time and care that you need
* understand - we have both recovered from severe head-injuries
* utilize the activator - a scientifically proven instrument
* use Blair methods In difficult to manage cases of the neck -  
an advanced upper cervical treatment
* have an advanced x-ray for scientific management

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     We are State of the Art Chiro. 2 doctors who have a different way of looking at the body from most other Chiropractors. We are both here because MD's kept us alive after our crises, but Chiropractors subsequently changed our lives for the better. We both suffered (separate) severe head injuries; which gave us an insight into the simultaneous working of the brain and body to allow healing.
    Dr. Dorrin graduated from Amherst College with a degree in Philosophy and Women's Studies. She then joined the Peace Corps to teach HS Chemistry in Belize, Central America. While there, she was hit by a tortilla truck while walking, and spent the next 2 years in a hospital in Boston, MA. After escaping the hospital, she returned to Belize and met a Chiropractor. That determined her future...
    Dr. Bob followed the family tradition of becoming a Pipe Fitter/Welder for the Pipe Trades. He was happily living with that until he was in his early forties. It suddenly dawned upon him what he wanted to be when he grew up. He entered Chiropractic School and unexpectedly found the key to unlock the dysfunctions that remained with him after a head-on car injury that occurred when he was 10 years old. That determined his future...



    Most people experience misalignment without ever knowing it. It is easy to disturb the integrity of a joint space; and the continued use of that joint in daily activities will eventually cause a problem. There are many ways that the body can become misaligned; a fall, an accident, a bump on the head, bad sleeping habits, a sprained ankle, a doorknob in the wrong place, or poor posture. Misalignment can even occur during the birth process - a simple twist of the head during delivery can bring on misalignment (a SUBLUXATION)! 
    Any type of subluxation, regardless of how it occurred, restricts or distorts brain to body messages. Left unchecked this misalignment can cause pain or dysfunction to develop and increase during one's lifetime. That part of the body that cannot effectively communicate with the brain will begin to develop symptoms that will get more pronounced as we age. 
    These health problems will grow worse until the misalignment (bottleneck) is corrected and effective brain to body communication is restored. Re-establishing that 2-way communication is the hallmark of a Chiropractor, in general, and our office, in particular. 

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